Enjoy Some of The Best Baklava in Sarasota

February 20, 2023

Where in Sarasota can you go to get the most authentic and delicious Baklava?

Alforno Mediterranean Grill & Subs is your source for this wonderful dessert pastry, which comes from Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, and other places throughout the Middle East. We make it with layers of filo pastry, chopped nuts, and sweet syrup and cook it into a crispy texture. 

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Words can’t really describe it. So, you’ll have to visit us and taste it for yourself to see why it’s been around for ages. In the meantime, here’s a quick glance at the history and development of our favorite dessert item.

Baklava Quick History

Baklava is like other foods or desserts that have been around for centuries: it’s hard to tell the exact origin. Almost all the eastern Mediterranean cultures claim to have invented it, but there’s no objective consensus. There are certain Assyrian and Byzantine pastries that mimic it, but the word “Baklava” itself seems to have a Turkish (formerly Ottoman) etymology.

The Greeks were the ones to perfect the popular pastry by using thin strips of bread known as “filo” or “phyllo.” This happened when after thousands of years, many Greek folks migrated and influenced the development of Baklava.

Again, like any other ancient food, there have been plenty of changes over the ages. If you visit Armenia, they spell it “pakhlava,” and have at least five variations of it.

What Exactly Is “Filo Dough”?

Filo is another way of saying “leaf” in Greek, and it refers to thin strips of dough that comprise the layers of Baklava. When you see a picture of it, you’ll notice several thin sheets of unleavened flowers. The unleavened consistency allows for paper-thin layers you would wrap together, somewhat like a sandwich. After you cook it, it comes out crispy and crunchy (thanks to the nuts inside it).

Come to Alfrono Mediterranean Grill & Subs for Outstanding Baklava

While other restaurants will charge at least $6 for a tiny dessert, we offer our delicious Baklava, made from fresh ingredients, for only $3.99 apiece. It’s a terrific way to enjoy this sweet classic from the eastern Mediterranean.

We can’t wait to see you soon at Alforno Mediterranean Grill & Subs, located on N. Cattlemen RD in Sarasota. Now is a fantastic time to visit us for a delightful meal of Shish Kabob or Falafel followed by a sweet piece of Baklava. If you have questions about anything on our menu, please contact us to learn more at (941) 778-5200.