Celebrating International Hummus Day at Alforno Mediterranean Grill & Subs

April 20, 2023

When it comes to experiencing the authentic taste of Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine, a passport is no longer necessary. This is because, at Alforno Mediterranean Grill & Subs, we’re constantly serving up the very best entrees made by the skilled hands of our staff. And while there’s certainly never a bad reason to come by our location and experience the bold taste from half a world away, we hope to see you on May 13th as we celebrate International Hummus Day! 

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What is Hummus? 

While Hummus has gained widespread notoriety in recent years due to its healthy attributes, we’ll gladly take the time to discuss what it is. Hummus is a dip of Arabic origin. Its primary ingredients are chickpeas, tahini, Olive oil or lemon juice, and sometimes cucumbers and garlic. Some of its healthy attributes include fiber, potassium, iron, and unsaturated fats. Some have taken to eating the dish with celery sticks and crackers, though the traditional garnish is paprika and parsley. 

Some Tasty Facts About Hummus 

Like many dishes that come overseas to America and become popular, there are many interesting tidbits (and tasty ones at that) of information about hummus that you’ll want to gobble up! 

Lucky Thirteen – Hummus is one of the oldest delicacies in existence, as it first began appearing in cookbooks from Egypt around the 1300s. Its primary ingredient was chickpeas which were mashed into a puree and then consumed. 

That’s a lot of Dip! – The Guinness Book of World Records is full of amazing feats that defy comprehension. And, what you might not know, is that hummus has its own record with a single dish that weighed an astonishing 23,000 lbs.

On the Rise – As we mentioned earlier, hummus has been growing in popularity in recent years. Need proof? In 2016 alone, the hummus industry generated an incredible $725 million in sales. This was on the heels of the first International Hummus Day, which took place in 2012. 

How Does One Celebrate International Hummus Day? 

Many holidays have a number of traditions regarding their observance and celebration. We feel the best way to honor hummus is to do what it’s intended for–eat it! At Alforno Mediterranean Grill & Subs, you’ll find plenty of dishes that incorporate hummus into them, and what better way to celebrate the day in question than by parking in a few of them? For directions, a menu, and much more, visit us online at alfornogrill.com.