The Benefits of Falafel

May 25, 2023

Indecent years, millions of Americans have become more conscious of their dietary choices and have made strides to eat healthier. One of the best options that are currently gaining in further popularity is the various options in Mediterranean cuisine. And one of the most notable ingredients in these dishes is falafel. But what is it? And what makes it such a healthy option? Today we’ll be answering these questions, so let’s begin. 

What is Falafel? 

Falafel is a dough-like substance that’s commonly made up of chickpeas, herbs, and various spices. Falafel is typically crunchy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. It’s usually served in various soups, inside pita bread, or alongside hummus. Falafel is relatively easy to make and can be prepared at home for a relatively low price. 

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What Makes it Healthy? 

Because the primary ingredient in falafel is chickpea, many healthy ingredients are found here. According to the USDA, 100 grams of Flafel contain high amounts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and a substantial amount of protein. So a little bit does a lot when it comes to aiding a healthy diet. 

Great for Diabetics 

Millions of Americans have diabetes. As a result, they have to be very careful about what foods they consume. Falafel can be very beneficial to a diabetic-friendly diet, as it has been proven effective in helping moderate and balance glucose levels. 

Effective in Weight Loss and Management 

Let’s be honest with ourselves–having between-meal snacks is a habit that many of us developed early on and still practice. Replacing items like chips and other foods that have high sodium and saturated fat with falafel can be very beneficial. Not only will you be getting the essential nutrients your body needs, but you’ll also be doing a lot for your digestive tract. Falafel can help prevent constipation, which is essential for healthy weight regulation and management. 

Stay Away from Store Brands

You might be tempted to get your falafel in pre-packed portions. However, falafel is always best when prepared fresh at a restaurant or home. Store-bought falafel tends to be higher in sodium and also contains preservatives that our bodies don’t need. 

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