Is Gyro Meat Gluten-Free

What are the prospects for enjoying a gluten-free meal when you visit a Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurant, like Alforno de Libano?

We’re here to demonstrate why you’ll be right at home with many of our delicious entrees and side items, including an authentic Gyro. Previously, we’ve shown you how our food fits well with any diet, including vegan, Keto, and Gluten-Free. Now, let’s have a closer look at why Gyro meat is safe and delicious for gluten-free dieters.

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What is Gyro Meat & How is it Gluten-Free?

Gyro meat (emphasis on meat) should not be a problem for folks with Celiac Disease or any other condition, which prevents you from consuming gluten. It’s arguably the most popular Mediterranean dish, taken from lamb, and usually prepared with pita bread. Of course, if you eat it with any type of bread, then you would be consuming gluten.

Fortunately, however, whenever you visit our location, you can order this customer-favorite item without bread or any other wheat. While we serve several sandwich/pita items, it’s also possible to get this high-protein, lean meat as a stand-alone selection. You can check out the rest of our Mediterranean menu to see what else is available that way.

Reasons People Enjoy Gyro Meat

Why do people enjoy Gyro meat so much, though?

  • It’s very healthy. You might enjoy other proteins like beef or pork, but lamb is even leaner, cleaner, and still a terrific source of energy and profitable calories. It’s loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as zinc and iron.
  • If you have it prepared by the right chef, it’s never overcooked, dry, or flavorless. Gyro meat undergoes a spit roasting process, where you don’t flip it a bunch or have to worry about uneven cooking.
  • This is a pretty versatile item, too. It goes great with/without bread, mixed into salads, in wraps, or even as a pizza topping.

Visit Alforno de Libano Today for Premium Gyros and More

We prepare Gyros and other exotic Lebanese entrees all the time at Alforno de Libano. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this or other gluten-free items like Kafta, Chicken Tawook, Beef Shawarma, and more. We also have plenty of appetizers and dessert items waiting for you.
So, we warmly welcome you to join us for some savory gyro meat at Alforno Mediterranean Grill anytime for lunch or dinner. We’re the Sarasota area’s unique Lebanese-style restaurant you’ll want to revisit more than once. Come see us soon on Cattlemen Road, or contact us with comments or questions at (941) 778-5200.