The Benefits of Mediterranean Food While on a Keto Diet

May 3, 2023

Every year, millions of Americans decide to put their best foot forward and make an attempt to eat better. This results in people typing out new diets in order to initiate a lifestyle change. One of the more popular diets to gain notoriety in recent years is keto. And the consumption of Mediterranean cuisine is not just beneficial for your health but Keto-friendly as well. Here are some of the advantages that are in store for you. 

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Owner of a Healthy Heart 

Gyro sandwiches, one of the main dishes served at Al Forno Mediterranean Grill, are extremely beneficial for the human heart. Because of the high-protein levels and considerable amounts of potassium, your artery walls are relaxed, and your blood pressure is lowered. Gyros also contain low amounts of sodium and substantial portions of good cholesterol that help regulate blood pressure. 

Excellent for Weight Management 

The meat that’s found in many different Mediterranean dishes is beneficial for weight loss. Because it keeps you full for lengthier periods of time, it allows you to cut down on snacking in between meals. Because of the lower amounts of carbs, you’ll also have lower blood pressure and more energy, which is one of the fundamental parts of a keto diet. 

Better Energy and Cognitive Function 

One of the many reasons why keto has become such a popular diet is the increased levels of energy that many attest to having. Coincidentally, these are also the benefits that come from Mediterranean food. The B vitamins in shawarma and gyro sandwiches are essential for brain power and improved cognitive performance. They also contribute to increased energy levels and better metabolism. 

Better Digestive Health 

Those who ascribe to a keto diet attest to the improvement in their digestive health. And, as we age, this becomes important to manage. Gyros and other offerings from the Mediterranean have significant amounts of dietary fiber, which is the cornerstone of having a healthy digestive system. A significant amount of fiber in your daily diet also assists with weight management as it prevents overeating. 

Alforno Mediterranean Grill & Subs

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