Gyros: What They Are & What to Know

April 5, 2023

While everyone is certainly familiar with food items such as burgers, fries, pizza, and tacos, there’s another food item to add to that list that’s just as delicious and contains a lot more healthy attributes than the aforementioned items. They’re called gyros. This dish that comes to us by way of the Mediterranean combines vegetables, falafel, and other ingredients to deliver a delicious taste that has more of what our bodies need and less of what they don’t. 

gyro sarasota

A Delicious Taste 

With its bountiful variety of ingredients all wrapped up in a tasty pita flatbread, gyros take very little preparation and pack a taste that’s unique and appealing to the senses. One of the ingredients that give the dish a unique flavor is the inclusion of tzatziki sauce and paprika. The most common proteins found in the gyro consist of lamb or beef, but they can also be prepared for those who ascribe to a vegan or vegetarian diet. Gyros are served either warm or cold, though a hoy gyro tends to be more popular than a colder one. But no matter how you have it served, it’s a delicious part of 

Healthy Attributes 

One reason why gyros have gained immense popularity in recent years is the number of healthy attributes that are associated with them. Because they’re made with natural and fresh ingredients, you’re not consuming the preservatives that are often commonplace in processed foods. Gyros are low in fat content and a great source of protein, iron, and antioxidants. Depending on how they’re prepared, they can also have other beneficial qualities to them. Gyros can be topped with either Feta cheese or hummock, both of which have long been praised for their benefits to a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Side Dishes 

One of the best things about gyros is their versatility in terms of how they’re served. Some traditional Mediterranean choices include chickpea salad, lemon rice, or roasted vegetables. Some locations serve French fries alongside their gyros, taking an American twist on the classic. 

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